Paid To Promote


Paid To Promote is a Pay Per Install affiliate program dedicated to helping webmasters earn money online every day. We provide a unique way for you to better monetize your website traffic ensuring your convert your visitors into revenue.

Many website owners are not fully monetizing the traffic they may already have, as monetization can be a tricky business dependant on your niche. Regardless of what service or product you may offer, we provide a simple solution for you to monetize it.

We do this through our content gateway which you are able to place anywhere on your website(s). What this does is blocks access to a certain part (or files) of your website until an install of our toolbar has taken place. When one of your website users tries to access the chosen content or page, they are asked to first download and install our toolbar, before being given permission to access the blocked pages or files. Using this monetization technique you are able to get paid to promote your own website content or services, and maximize your revenue potential.

Paid to Promote offers the highest payouts in the Pay Per Install industry, at up to $1.45 per install dependant on your users location. We payout on a wide range of countries and offer a tier system rewarding those who bring in a higher amount of installs. Now is the time to stop throwing your website traffic away, and start getting Paid to Promote.

If you are a webmaster looking for a better solution to monetizing your website traffic, click on the signup link below to complete our online registration form and get started. Once your account has been approved (Normally with 48hrs during Mon-Fri) you will be able to access our content gateway locker from within your account, and start earning money from your website traffic instantly. We provide a real time tracking system for you to monitor your conversions and see exactly how much you are earning from your visitors.

Join the leading Pay Per Install affiliate program today and monetize your website traffic to its fullest potential.

Paid To Promote – Helping Web Publishers Make Money Online Every Day.